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Why is a good cleanse necessary?

Most of us externally body cleanse when we regularly bathe or shower, brush our teeth, while washing our hands and hair frequently.  But how completely and often do you cleanse yourself inside where being clean and free of internal pollution and waste is equally important to feeling good absent fatigue, gas, bloating with headaches and indigestion and excess weight gain.

digestion graphicYou need to regularly cleanse and detoxify your body of accumulated toxins, including mycotoxins from fungus, parasites and other fecal matter.  Literally thousands of toxins and chemicals assault us on a daily basis at work, in the home, through the air we breathe, our food and water supply and through the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Did you know U.S. industries manufacture over 6 trillion pounds of 9,000 different chemicals a year that go into our air, water, food and soil, with many going into our bodies thus creating body pollution as never before in history.

In addition, our diets too often include eating huge amounts of sugar and processed foods void of nutrients and enzymes. How often do you microwave and eat fast food?  Then millions regularly abuse their bodies with various excess antibiotics, stimulants and sedatives; often ineffective and packed with negative side effects.

happy tummyThe unfortunate fact is you are exposed to unwanted toxins including mycotoxins from fungus that occupy your body now and parasites.  Parasites are a reality as they use you as a food source, thriving, on your intestinal walls and in the liver. These accumulated toxins, parasites and waste build up joining fungi and other pathogens.,

The results are miseries from incomplete digestion, fatigue, gas and bloating with headaches and indigestion plus for many stomach pain and constipation.  And then there is the dangerous weight gain and a swollen abdomen sometimes called a “big belly.” Bottom line – you and those for which you care need to cleanse now and regularly with the NSC Cleansing Package suggested.

NSC Cleansing and Detox Package

Your body winds down like a watch during the harsh challenges of daily life over time and now you need to wind it back up beginning with a thorough cleanse and detox program contained in the NSC Cleansing Package.  The NSC Cleansing Package includes our NSC-24 Original MG Beta Glucan -60 ct.

Chemicals and metals are the two most pervasive and deepest cellular toxicities with more than 100,000 chemicals now in commercial use and 25% known to be hazardous. The EPA reports 100% of samples of human body fat contain toxic doses of chemicals including styrene  as Styrofoam; 1,4-dichlorobenzene as mothballs; house deodorizers – particularly aerosol sprays; xylene in paints and gasoline; and DDT which was banned in 1972. The five most toxic trace metals are cadmium, mercury, lead, beryllium, and antimony.

An example of metal toxicity leading to health issues is chronic candidiasis that often is associated with mercury or amalgam toxicity also related to immune suppression.  A first step is to revitalize your immune cells with NSC MG Beta Glucan that nutritionally contributes to an inter-cellular cleanse plus toxin removal through immune cell potentiation and normalization that helps rid toxins and killed pathogens through the lymphatic system.

Then add NSC IMMUNITION Milk Thistle, also containing MG Beta Glucan.  The Milk Thistle contributes to detoxing through a liver filter cleanse while improving digestion.  Milk thistle cleanses heavy metals and toxins, allowing the liver to help produce energy instead of being overwhelmed with toxins that can lower your energy levels by up to 60%.

NSC Pro Probiotic in the NSC Cleansing Package provides an amazing 15 billion CFU per serving of 8 different beneficial bacteria to improve your good bacteria ratio to minimize fungus invasion.  This is especially important if you’ve had antibiotics in recent months.  Don’t give Candida and other fungi issues an opening to invade your body with the multitude of potential fungus miseries. The NSC Pro also requires no refrigeration.

Then the star product – NSC ImmuCleanse Immunition – a colon and digestive detox and cleanse formula with 27 ingredients including black walnut, wormwood, garlic, oregano, aloe cape and so much more.   NSC ImmuCleanse is a potent nutritional fungus, parasite and worm enemy.

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Retail price for these four premium cleansing products from NSC is $199.80, but your price is a giant 50% off at wholesale, or $99.95 – about the price of one doctor visit!  Don’t wait. Cleanse now.

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